Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Love Never Gives Up

Well today has me reflecting how I struggle to look after myself. Its not a pretty picture. Yesterday a good friend of mine started hassling me about "when am I going to get that tattoo that I promised myself for my birthday way back in June." Of course he assumed that I was afraid to get it, but as I thought about it I know that the real reason is that it is just frivolous, and I have to make time and effort to do something just for me. And I get this distressed feeling inside, and tears come to my eyes, because how do I justify doing something frivolous just for me...I don't believe I am important enough. This has always been my struggle as far back as I can remember. Admitting to any one out loud what I really wanted was impossible. I remember when I was eight having a conversation with one of my uncles about what I wanted, and kept saying "I don't know" and he kept saying "I had to tell him what I wanted." I think I ended up crying, I know I never gave him an answer. Now I realize he was trying to help me and I could not receive it. It would be so much easier if some else needed a tattoo and I took them and just got one for me while I was there. So my friends suggestion was lets fly to Toronto and get his tattoo finished by the guy he met out there and get one for me too...not practicle enough for me.

But this got me thinking, sometimes we just need that extra push from a friend to look after ourselves. Just someone taking us by the hand and saying I will go with you, you deserve it. So sometimes when I push you away I really am saying I need help, and I would like someone to break through my barriers and walls and say that I matter. Life beats us up on a regular basis and sometimes we get lost in the fray.

So last night I forced a better mattress on a friend of mine...cause I knew I could not be polite about it and wait for my friend to be ready. Kind of like yesterday another friend and I tried to give someone a couch, who broke theirs and by the time we got there they didn't want it. So we drove around town with a couch for nothing...but the thing is we tried. Always try, keep trying and don't give up. Sometimes we must step back, to protect ourselves so we survive, but I believe love never gives up.


  1. Hi Becky,
    Yes, it's so true that love never gives up. But about that tattoo, sometimes no one comes along and offers to accompany you, so then you must take the reigns in hand as it were and go ahead and do it. (However, remember it's not reversible!) I love u Becky - you haven't written in your blog for awhile but I'm the worst at keeping up with it! One day I'll write another chapter. Miss u guys. Love to the family.

  2. I just re-read this, Becky, and although I hate tattoos (!) it sounds like you really need to go get one - make sure the needles are sterile! Also make sure it's an out-of-sight tattoo - remember that as you age your skin wrinkles and tattoos begin to look saggy!!! Lovely! Hope you're enjoying what appears to be spring! Love u.